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Social Communications & Scholarly Representation

Unless you live in a box. Being out in public and in social engagments is just part of living. Family, Being around your buddies, talking to workers about your car, banking concerns, shopping questions or just meeting some random stranger on the street that wants to carry on a conversation. 

Being around and interacting with others is not just a "Jedi thing."

It is just life.

Howevever. How we behave and act in these every day common scenarios will be the true marker towards being a Jedi and just some Joe Shmo getting by.

The Gateway of Just Jedi is here to help provide our perspective of a Social Jedi. We chose "The Gateway" for these subjects because it is symbolic of crossing thresholds. Either into someone elses domain, or they into your's, and the importance of Jedi Like social interaction.

The Gateway Manual