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 There are many definitions and applications of “Meditation” These differences are all important to learn and understand. We have the Meditation of contemplation and reflection, this form of meditation is often used by scholars and philosophers who consider the way of life and write their thoughts in texts.

There is also the religious meditation in which we engage in mental exercises to concentrate on certain things like our breathing or repetition of Mantra. This is the most common application with the internal hope of finding ourselves and lifting our beings to a higher consciousness.

Another aspect is a much older aspect, one before religions and other uses. This is the act of simply being present in mind. The word for meditation in Sanskrit is "shamatha" in Sanskrit (Tibetan: shi-ne), which means "peacefully abiding." Meaning that we place our mind in the present, peacefully.

Peacefully. Does not mean we need to detach our minds from the thoughts and every day actions around us. But merely to be calm, focused, and aware. Present of mind. This is often accomplished and connected by our mindfulness of breathing

The rest that comes in Meditation after such understanding is dependant on the practitioner and their desired goal.


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