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The Force is simply - Energy. It is not some god, some enlightened being, it does not have a conscious and it does not have “Sides” such as light or dark. It is the pure cause and effect of and within life. Everything that moves, every breath, every beating heart, flow of lifes blood through veins and electrical currents to the brain that thinks….every physical expression big, small and to the tiny speck of sand…. contributes to the natural current of energy.

“The Force” is a coined term from the fictional Star Wars universe by George Lucas that gives a simple yet intimate definition for this all encompassing flow of energy.

This energy is not only created by the expression of life, but it also fuels and feeds it. For my own humor I often enjoy to term this simply “The Circle of Life” due to my love for the Disney Movie “The Lion King” It helps to picture the simple yet extremely intimate circle of birth, life, death and once again the birth of new life. Even after death...there is life.

To detach ourselves from the human aspect of life for just a moment, let us look at an electrical circuit. The more power or energy you input into a circuit, the higher the output becomes. In other words, the energy or the force is what fuels our ability to live, survive and thrive just as it depends on us to provide the same outcome. To live, survive and thrive. When we focus on the force through various methods of training we influence ‘The Force’ the same way we can that electrical circuit mentioned above, the more focused influence we put in, the stronger ‘The Force’ around us becomes.

Some beings require alot of time, training and focus, some require very little, some have even managed to become so aware and intimate with the life giving energy around and within them, that they are capable of manipulating it in various self defined means (Depending on belief). This requires a clear and open mind and is never the same for everyone. And then there are some who simply cannot grasp this, and that is ok! It is still apart of them, but perhaps not their purpose to consciously influence it. We all have our talents, and where one lacks in one field, excels in another.

It is taught that there are three Aspects when it comes to influencing the force around you, within you, as well as your own physical self. To once again refer to our electrical circuit above; If our components, or, physical body becomes dirty, the input and output of energy, or, The Force becomes weak and potentially dangerous.

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