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The Force, Meditations & Health

Gifts from the force are ever abundant and is all around us. Just Jedi believes that it is our duty to protect these gifts, cultivate them and apply them to our daily lives.The Jade Tower of Just Jedi practices in the Mind, Body and Spirit of healing and natural health. Using Nature and The Force as our tool's and guides.

Within the Jade Tower we will cover a Varity of subjects such as:

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The Force

Prima Vitae - Understanding The Aura

Sensing Aura (Of The Hand)

Force (Sense): Tactus otium

Force (Sense): Finding the Rapids Inside

Force (Sense): The Resonance of Opposites

Force (Sense): Magnifying The Senses

[Read More on The Force Instructional]


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External Environment

Personal Environment

Posture & Position

Proper Breathing

Moving Meditations I

Personal Meditation

Meditation Regimen I

Calming Breath

Meditation On (Heji Tal) Emptiness 

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This Section is still being developed!

Please continue checking back here for updates!


Herbal I (Understanding Your Herbs)

Herbal II (Prepping Herbs)

Herbal II (Applying Herbs)