Below is a list of Articles written by Jedi from all over the Jedi Community that has been saved and archived for future studies. Each article belongs to the author themselves and are not owned or taught by Just Jedi. They are just listed here for your study convienance in relations to the Basic Studies of Jedi, Jediism, Jedi Realsim and the Philosophy - All links open up into a google document format.


Aurora Borealis: Meditations... Focus

Aurora Borealis: Meditations - Breathing

Aurora Borealis: Meditations - The Beast

Spark Vallen: Conscious Breathing

Spark Vallen: Creative Meditation

Spark Vallen: Empath Exercise

Spark Vallen: Walking Meditation

Spark Vallen: ZaZen

Kharis Nightflyer: Calming Breath Technique

Kharis Nightflyer: Jedi Meditation Basic Technique

Mitth'raw'nurida: Using Your Abilities

Streen: Using The Force - Balance

Aurora: My Experiences Seeing Aura's

Luna Rising: Color of Healing Meditation

Luna Rising: Inner Light Meditation

Luna Rising: Light Body Relaxation Technique

Luna Rising: Mindfulness Meditation

Luna Rising: Relaxation Meditation

Jedi Knight G: Jedi Powers

Jedi Knight G: On Empathy

Jedi Knight G: Meditation G1

Jedi Knight G: Meditation G2

Rin-Xia Aran: Fire Meditation

Teal'c Nyal: Empty Mind Meditation

Kiae-Quon dei': Entering a Meditative State

Jediism.org: Meditations