Just Jedi is only one of many communities, orders, temples, groups, chapters, federations and churches. Each one hosting a wealth of information, knowledge and wisdom.

Over time, we hope to collect this wealth of knowledge here in our libraries. Some are found from long dead sites, some are shared and or submitted into this library. We do our best to ensure all are listed and credited to the appropriate author but some may be missing information while others are unknown.

We encourage our members to share their knowledge both in their own works and if they know more about the works submitted.

These texts are not owned, originated or created by Just Jedi.

We just offer the knowledge.


Jedi Beliefs

The Text found in the Community Beliefs section are basic understandings and beliefs of what it means to be a Jedi, the codes we follow and standards that apply.

Jedi History

Learn more about the history of the Online Jedi and the community it developed! The articles were written and developed by myself (The Keeper of Just Jedi) With the input, advice, and counceling of many Community Leaders of these points in history.

The Force & Meditation(s)

Here you will find various written lessons, articles and ideas about The Force and Meditations

Online Resource

This area provides Non Jedi created materials from various published authors such as the Tao Te Ching, Hagakura, The Book by Alan Watts, Hero's Journey, Might is right and so forth and so on. 

World Media

Each year, the ideals of Jedi/Jediism/Jedi Realism is becoming more and more known in the world. News, blogs, documentaries and social networks are taking more time to report on the Communities activities. It is our hope to archive and document these sources for member study and research.



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