The United Jedi Council
Founders: Relan Volkum, Streen, Shinobi, Mitth'raw'nurida, Winter Heart, Gedi, and Jae

Just before the fall of the Jedi Creed. Back in the year 2000 Relan was given advice from a
While the Jedi Creed had been one of the outstanding sights to come into existence
Relan and Streen had been working on the side with other projects and ideas
Due to the use and ability of discussion forums it’s members were free to expand their imagination and one of the most prominent Imaginations of the Jedi even to this very day is a means of Uniting all the websites and communities together into one informative and educative location. Central Academies and Portals were just a few of the ideas to achieve these dreams.

Inviting other head members of the community The United Jedi Council came into existence for a brief union to plan. Unfortunately things didn’t go as planned and before long the United Jedi Council fell. But not first by creating a logo that was quickly seen in the future projects to come

Relan and Streen struggled to pick up the pieces and decided to part ways and work on their own, individual projects alone.

Streen used this time to go from community to community offering his knowledge and help to those in need of it including The Jedi Temple founded by John Olorin.