The power of e-mail & friendship
Founder: Relan Volkun with the advice of WinterHeart
Year: 2000

After the Jedi Creeds fell and the lack of progress within the United Jedi Council. Volkum sought out advice from a close friend. WinterHeart suggested that he put his beliefs out there to the public and talk to those who claimed to be “Jedi”

Taking on a disguise to protect his name. Relan became “Jedi Mediator” and started to go through the community seeking out those who called themselves “Jedi” and eventually bringing them all together in one group. He sent out e-mails to one hundred Jedi using a new program called ‘E-groups’ due to the success of this project, E-groups (which is Yahoo! Groups) became a new way for Jedi to connect and communicate.

“The situation was very tense. You had people of this corner talking/listening to people from this corner, and these people had never talked together before. It was really nuts (I still can’t believe how crazy of an idea it was)” ~ Relan Volkum

It was here where a couple different projects was born.

The first of which was the Jedi United. Which was forming and taking root inside these yahoo groups before taking hold as it’s very own Website Community.

A Second side Project was the DEGA a group of members formed together to become Ambassadors.