The Jedi Foundation

“The Jedi Foundation”

May 4th 2010. It’s founder, Opie Macloud who has been a part of the online Jedi Movement since 1998.

In the year of 2004 The Jedi Foundation created the “Jedi Circle” A set of codes dedicated to the Jedi Philosophy. In 2009 Opie created a sister-piece called the Jedi Precepts to help the Force Academy more clearly define what it meant to be a (Light) Jedi. Quoted here: http://jediacademyonline.com/about.html

(The Jedi Foundation is flagged all over the Foundation website. But has the URL of The Jedi Academy Online. A bit conflicting :-p Am I to assume they are one and the same? I know it is yes but double checking to be certain.)

The Jedi Foundation’s “About Us” page gives us a more on it’s history as well as a Mission Statement which says the following:

“Our Mission: Teach the Jedi Path in the most dedicated and realistic way possible; by passing on Jedi Philosophy which is applicable to everyday life. So people can live as Jedi, to make sure the standards are kept high so when one says they are a Jedi, the world knows that means something positive, not a fanatic that sues over hoodies. And to show not just through words, but through actions that the Jedi Path is as real and useful as any other philosophical path in life. “

To this day Opie Macloud and the Jedi Foundation is still active and accepting members to join their path as a Jedi of the Jedi Foundation.
In the year of March 27th 2007 the Jedi Academy was recreated and became the Jedi Academy Online. (Who was JAO’s founder? Was that you Opie?) Later on in it’s history Opie Macloud did not feel that the name "Jedi Academy Online" was fully appropriate nor did it (in his view) reflected what the Jedi accomplish as a group. And so the Jedi Foundation was born.