The Jedi Concil
Founders: Mitth'raw'nurida & Streen

Despite the communities goals to step away from the fiction and bring the Jedi into a more real life aspect. The release of Star Wars: Phantom Menace encouraged another change.

Mitth'raw'nurida, Founder of Jedi Alliance I and Master to Streen, Founder of Jedi Alliance II both decided to merge their two alliances into one, united community.

The Jedi Council

Shortly after the Jedi Council came into existence. Another head leader of the Jedi movement joined the community. Relan Volkum. Relan, Streen, & Mitth were commonly known as “The Big Three” but the Big Three were not without their help, friends and allies. Some of note would be; Tionne, Winter Heart, and Darth Scorn. All were key players in a grand advancement of our small online movement.