The Jedi Academy
Founder: Baal Legato
Year 1996
[url is now not active/dead]

The Jedi Academy came into existence in the year of 1996. Baal Legato created one of the three head websites of the online community. Other leaders came and went; Deean Kett and Hellflower Ryu were two of the most active leaders in the community, holding their leadership within the Academy for many years.

The Jedi Academy was considered to be the first Ez-Board Jedi Discussion Forum’s created for community use. This form of communication provided a new means of viewing the ideas of ‘being a Jedi’ separated from the ties of Role Playing. The Jedi Academy had it’s first Administration crew and held many lessons on swordplay, ethics, philosophy, and Force theory. The Jedi Academy was considered to be one of the most popular Jedi Discussion forums at the time. But as all good things go, in the year of 2003 the Jedi Academy fell apart and died.