Knights Of Awakening

Founded: 2009

Founded By: Justin Bane (Justin Gates)

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Awaken the Knight within!

The Knights Of Awakening (KOA) is a “New Age” multi-faceted Educational/Entertainment Organization that shares different perspectives and life experiences, from a diverse group of people.  The KOA is a variety experience, offering videos, discussions, lectures and teachings, reviews on books and products, game plays, and much more!  We offer a casual, fun, sharing, and learning environment through interaction with our guests (interviews) and viewers alike.

The KOA at it's core is centered around real world application of spirituality and the many mysteries of the Heroes Journey each and everyone of us face everyday. We offer real world, Spiritual advice and coaching along the way as well. It is our goal to help wake up those who are ready.  We are a group dedicated to helping our fellow Brothers and Sisters.  

If you would like to be a bigger part of the KOA, go to our Facebook page and send us a message.  

Historical data for the Knights Of Awakening (KOA):

Founded in May of 2009 by KOA owner Justin Bane (Justin Gates) and co-founder David Edge, Masters of the Jedi Order of Ashla Knights.  After the fall of Ashla Knights, which was caused by a destructive hacking at the hands of an unknown person(s) for a second time, Justin and David decided to expand out and away from the Order of Ashla Knights while a second rebuilding process took place at Ashla Knights.  Groups were slowly moving away from  the days of the old forum boards, but only a few people ventured out into a multi-media approach to teaching and interaction in those days.  Rather than taking Ashla Knights in this direction, Justin and David decided to build a new group dedicated to real world application of topics related to Mind/Body/Spirit through on-air conversations, written lectures, videos, and more.  We debuted first at BlogTalk Radio (BTR) on 06/12/2009.  Other radio shows were added over the years at BTR including: “Dissonance: The Dark Aspect” hosted by Khaos, “Ashla Knights Radio” hosted by Derek Thompson, and “The Labyrinth” hosted by Charles McBride.  The final show before the move away from BTR was on 12/21/2011 featuring “The Labyrinth”.

Unhappy with BTR ownership policies, the KOA then moved to a private hosting platform in early 2012 that lasted until late 2014.  The KOA added more shows during this time.  These shows were: “Force Realists Radio” hosted by Alethea “Ally” Thompson, “The Circle” hosted by Michael Hannigan, “Shaterpoints: Points of Contact” hosted by Jordan Bates, “Insight” hosted by Justin Bane, and a few other smaller series hosted by multiple existing hosts.

By late 2012, the KOA had parted ways with 2 of their hosts (Michael Hannigan and Jordan Bates).  

In late 2014, the KOA suffererd a fracturing with 2 more hosts leaving (Khaos and David Edge) due to disagreements as to how the KOA was being led and managed.  This left the remaining hosts (Justin, Charles, and Ally) to try and regroup, pick up the peices and move on.  Charles and Ally proving themselves to being the backbone of the KOA to this very day.

From 2014-2016 the KOA took a break from recording Live shows and producing video content.  The KOA Facebook page remained active during the time however, mainly due to the efforts of Ally and Charles.

2016 KOA owner and founder Justin Bane suffered a serious accident while on duty at work that spurred the resurgence of the KOA.  With renewed purpose, passion, and direction, the KOA debuted their first original content in over 2 years with “The Road to Recovery and New Beginnings”.  Since, the KOA has been going strong with video uploads hitting the Youtube channel nearly twice a day most weeks and new Live shows averaging 3 shows per week as well as a ton of written content to boot.

With over 230 Live recordings to date and more being added every week, and nearly 150 videos to date with new videos being released everyday, the KOA is stronger than it ever has been!


Justin Bane (Justin Gates)

Alethea Thompson (Ally)

Charles McBride

Contact Info:

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Web Address:

None currently.  Will be sharing hosting@ Ashla knights when the rebuild is complete.

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History of Radio shows/Live recordings:

Knights Of Awakening: 06/12-2009-Current

Ashla Knights Radio: 02/19/2010-Current

The Labyrinth: 07/16/2011-Current

Force Realists Radio: 03/07/2012-Current

Disonance: The Dark Aspect: 08/11/2011-12/2014

The Circle: 06/12/2012-12/2012

Shaterpoints: Points of Contact 08/16/2012-12/2012


History of Video series and content:

Knights Of Awakening: 2009-Current

The Labyrinth: 2011-Current

Force Realists: 2016-Current

Ashla Knights-2016-Current

Let's Regroup: 2016-Current

Fun with the KOA gang: 2016-Current

Reviews: 2016-Current

Road to Recovery and New Beginnings: 2016-2016