Kharis Nightflyer’s The Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4
Founder: Kharis Nightflyer
Year: December 5th 1995
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Kharis Nightflyer’s Jedi Academy was a website that was built in December of 1995, and is said to be the first example of actual Jedi training found on the internet. Within this site laid the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4, the actual training section of the site. Most people never found the main page of the site, due to the way the search engines at the time tagged the page. It is for this reason that some remember the site under different names, but those that know of the site will never forget the name Kharis Nightflyer.

Kharis was a great fan of the Jedi Academy trilogy, and blended the information he got from it with the yogic practices he already knew, giving us the first steps into the Force. The nearly-universal Calming Breath technique that most practicing Jedi have seen at least one time was first applied to the Jedi and the Force by this man, and his website. He was also the first to post anything having to do with sensory meditations for the Jedi online, long before any one of us knew the other. His was the first site to teach the four-line Jedi Code, plucked straight from the fiction, but explained in his own short words.

Kharis also attempted to warn us all about the dangers of teaching. His lessons often were taken in part, or in whole, from the fiction, but that did nothing to remove their importance.

Kharis was a “less is more” kind of teacher. He often did not answer specific questions through email, but would often reply with nothing more than a quote. His site was heavy with quotes from the movies, and the books.


Youtube/Google Hangout Class on the Jedi History by Opie



Kharis Knightflyer's Archives

Your training will be a landscape of self-discovery. Learn new things, and share what you have learned with the others. I have called this place a praxeum. This word, made up of ancient roots, was first used by the Jedi scholar Karena, distilling the concepts of learning combined with action. Our praxeum, then, is a place for learning of action. A Jedi is aware, but does not waste time in mindless contemplation. When action is required, a Jedi acts.

Choose a lesson from the following lists. It is best to complete the lessons in order. Our campus' holoprojectors will recreate the images of Jedi, who will guide you through the lessons. Contact my apprentice, Instructor Kharis Nightflyer, if you have any questions.

Nature of the Force

Kharis Nightflyer: Introductory Lesson: The Force
Kharis Nightflyer: The Path of Darkness
Kharis Nightflyer: The Nature of the Force
Kharis Nightflyer: Lesson Four - The Jedi Code
Kharis Nightflyer: A Jedi's Greatest Ally
Kharis Nightflyer: The Nature of the Dark Side
Kharis Nightflyer: Aspects of Light and Dark

Jedi Training
Kharis Nightflyer: The Calming Breath Technique
Kharis Nightflyer: Jedi Meditation -- Basic Technique
Kharis Nightflyer: A Jedi's First Battle

Advanced Lessons
Kharis Nightflyer: Technology of the Lightsaber
Kharis Nightflyer: The Dangers of Training Jedi

Lightsaber Lessons

Kharis Nightflyer: Gripping the Lightsaber


Thank you for visiting the Academy. The site is under construction, please return later to receive new lessons.

NOTE: Due to the loss of the Jedi Holocron (an artifact containing much Jedi Lore), many of our records are incomplete. If anyone has information, lore, or insight into the ways of the Jedi, please return to the Academy proper, and send me a transmission.--Instructor Kharis Nightflyer.

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