Jedi of the New Millennium
Founder: JA Michaels, Jonathan Tapp, Josh Steffan, Trad Davin, and Jordan Daeloth
Year: 1997
[url is now not active/dead]

Jedi of the New Millennium was one of the earliest off-shoot schools from the Jedi Academy. The aim at JotNM was to allow the Jedi to teach one another. There was a staff that originally contained five members of various levels of development. This staff put together the first lessons of the JotNM training section.

One of the innovations shown in JotNM was an actively-updated Student Roster, which kept track of when a member started, as well as basic contact information for them. This was done to instill a sense of Community that had been lost at the Jedi Academy.

JotNM also opened itself to guest and student lectures, maintaining the ideal of unified training of all persons.

The staff came and went, and after two years, the school was left in the care of Juim Teel, a close friend of JA Michaels. It began to stagnate, and when JA Michaels reclaimed JotNM in late 2000, it caused a schism which, for a time, created two JotNMs, one lead by its founder, the other led by Starr. Starr’s JotNM eventually transformed into the Temple of the Jedi Arts in 2001.

JotNM changed hands yet again, and eventually fell by the wayside, as all things do in time.