Jedi Lore
Founded by: GEDI
Year: 1997
(although he was in action much earlier than this copyright date)

GEDI is an unknown element of the Jedi Community and perhaps the most influential one. Only a few know of him and even fewer have had the chance to speak with him.
Others report that he was a hermit. He liked his privacy and didn’t want to be known...coming out to offer advice, opinions and even warnings when he felt it was key to do so.
Those who did know him looked forward to their conversations with him even if he was very direct with his words and sometimes got a little personal.

He had an apprentice. And unlike him Tionne was well known in her time and had played a key part in the future at the Jedi Creed.
GEDI had his own website which was unique and creative adding a new flare and style to learning about the Jedi ways with real life aspects. His lectures were the most memorable, but Relan Volkum reports on the link above that

“The content on the website is downright intense. Whether it is the colors, the sounds, or the subjects of Gedi's work, it holds as many layers as an onion. Sound files are on just about every page, and, even if Gedi never intended it, they repeat themselves over and over again on many computers. It would get annoying. Very annoying. After a while, though, it gives a very eerie feeling to the page you are visiting. It became an essential component of the Jedi Lore universe. Also the mixing and matching of colors and fonts place interest toward the words on the page. And the subject matter, such as the result of Jedi Trial 3: Ager's Trial, is incredibly sensitive and thought provoking.

And that's perhaps the best two words to describe both Gedi and Jedi Lore. They are, indeed, thought provoking.” - Relan Volkum

There was alot of mystery around GEDI in part because he didn’t like to speak and it required a serious individual to get him to come out of his little cubby hole.