Jedi Federation


The Ideals behind the Jedi Federation began in the year of 2008 when Chicago Chapter leader, Angelus. Saught to create Knighting Ceremonies for the members of his Chapter. This Ceremony involved Leaders of every represented Chapter Leader at the current gathering to interview and evaluate the Knight to be.

Later in years, these ceremonies expanded to encompass anyone in the whole Jedi Community, not just Chicago Chapter. It was expressed that, those who frequented the Jedi Gatherings wished to provide key members a moment of recognition, regardless of affiliated group, chapter, church or academy. It was a method of friendship and bringing people together.

In 2014, further advancments of the process and forward goals were discussed. Knights new and old got together to discuss differing views not only concerning the Knighting Ceremonies, but the Gatherings themselves.

Some wanted the Gatherings and Knightings to remain neutral and un-affiliated to any one group within the community. That both should continue to remain open for everyone without the political ties of singular names and requirments. While others felt the only way to go forward was to create another group that acted as an umbrella over all the Chapters, Gatherings and Knights.

A split in the community came as a result. Some created what is now called "Jedi Federation" united by a council and set laws, holding their own sponcered gatherings, knightings and projects. While the other Knights faded out in their own projects and lives individually.

Jedi Federation is still active today.

~ The Keeper


Jedi Federation Information

Founded: 29 August 2015
Founder: Gabriel Calderon
Website: http://www.jedifederation.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/jedifederation/