Jedi Community Up’s & Down’s
2002 - 2004

Many communities began to rise and fall. One gem after another glimmering into bright existence and quickly puttering out. Without firm leadership the community struggled to create the perfect community for everyone and in the process….fought against….everyone.

The Temple of the Jedi Arts saw some good growth until about 2002. And by 2004 it’s forums had also been deleted ( or it exist they have just erased years of posting). This happened due to poor management and poor choices by the members (since many things were handled by majority votes back then, popularity contests people called them).

The Jedi of New Millennium saw life breathed into it briefly when Gemini Sith took over as Administrator. Unfortunately, no one really visited the site any more. And the changes she put into effect basically led nowhere. A effort was made to re-open the Jedi of the New Millennium. That effort eventually died out as well