Institute For Jedi Realisim

The Institute originally began as the Academy at Jedi.org. This site, created in 2002, was run by Relan Volkum. Many of the leaders of the Institute began their training and teaching at the original Academy. However, in 2006 Relan's path led elsewhere. As the site was being handed over to a different group of people, the leaders of the Academy felt a neutral location was needed to ensure the integrity of the training process. We moved to our own domain as The Jedi Academy. In the summer of 2008, our webhost deleted our site without warning. We took the opportunity to rename ourselves as the Institute for Jedi Realist Studies, a name we felt encompassed our larger goals.

While the name and location has changed over time, the lineage remains. We could not know what was to come back in 2006, but we remain, continuing to train Jedi and deepen our understanding of the Jedi path in our world.