Founded by Relan Volkum

Co Founded by Allowat Sakima

Year: 2000

Here is an old archived version of the DEGA forum. It was created by Relan Volkum’s apprentice (at the time) - Allowat Sakima


In the words of Relan Volkum: (I feel he said it better than I could so this is a direct copy/paste of his explanation of DEGA History sent to me by e-mail.)

"DEGA was put together due to a conversation with a former apprentice, Allowat Sakima. It was inspired by a road trip taken in California which the street sign Bodega Bay was impressed. Bodega is a small, hidden tranquil bay which small ships are ported and serves as a rest area. It's where Hitchcock ' The Birds was filmed. Allowat noticed me being in a serious amount of pressure with Jedi United as it was scorned heavily. We spoke about how the deciples in the Bible were of twelve and would go out people that would go to a city by two. This is when Bodega came to mind. Decided to shorten it to DEGA.

DEGA was a way for new members to get experience in the community and work with some of the older ones, as I desperately needed some help and had a tuff time focusing on training for Allowat and eventaully Ait Voicu, who were under my wing at that time. The idea was for an experienced member to walk alongside the new members who had potential. The experienced were Streen, Shinobi, Tionne, and myself, which were familiar from the UJO experience. The hopefuls we were looking at were Opie-MacLeod, Allowat Sakima, Demetrius Vorak, and Ait Voicu, and to help encourage Justan Allan (from the Jedi Creed chats) who was in a depression. This is where Opie-MacLeod got his start as a voice in the Jedi Community, as he served as an ambassador to Jedi of the New Millennium with Gemini Sith. Streen talked with Chris Tien-Jinn at the Jedi Temple and Shinobi went to Force Academy. Dean Kett and Hellflower from Jedi Academy did not want anything to do with my activities, although we still sent group ambassadors. Allowat was the website creator and promotor of the group, while I stayed at Jedi United and facilitated the group. Basically DEGA served as my arms and feet in the community duing this brief period and was successful. This occurred late 2000, early 2001 and helped spawn thejedi.org."