2016 Gatherings

There were three gatherings for the year of 2016! Two of which were Annuals. The third was a last minuet meet up between old friends.

UK TOTJO Gathering

The First Annual Gathering of 2016 (July 22end - Junly 24th) was the Temple Of The Jedi Order UK Gathering. Due to the Temples policies it has been requested that all information shared about this gathering be re-directed to their own community site. As such, (Fair warning) this will lead off of Just Jedi and Directly to the thread related to this gathering on the Temple itself.

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Illinoise Gathering

Next up was the USA Illinois Gathering, hosted by Jedi Federation. Information is Archived here on Just Jedi 

2016 Illinoise Jedi Gathering


MIchigan Meet-Up

Near the end of the Illinois Gathering, traveling members branched off to meet Michigan Chapter on their way back to home. Information is Archived here on Just Jedi [Read More]