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In the pursuite of Knowledge, Just Jedi encourages Jedi to seek beyond the four walls of one place of study. There are many out there, with thousands of members and Jedi to learn from. Take your Journey, seek out knowledge and learn from the varioius sources presented so that you may one day develop your own structures and standards of Jedi.

Below is a library of writings from other Jedi throughout the Jedi Community.


Jedi Community History

(On Site) The Force: A History

(On Site) Online Community Links

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Academy of 1995: Kharis Nightflyer

Community Inspired Literature

The Great Jedi Holocron

The Jedi Compass

The Jedi Jewel

The Jedi Way by Brandel Valico

 The Jedi Bible by Patrick and Calm Q

The Russian Jedi Academy: Text 1

The Russian Jedi Academy: Text 2

Jedi Federation (Year 2015)

Newsletter: V1 Holocron by Connor Martin Laxus & Various Authors (Sept 25 2015)

Force Realist Magazene's (Oldest to Newest) (pdf)

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Community Member Inspired Lectures/Lessons

Alethea "Ally" Thompson: Don't Trust the Police? Here's a Tip!

Aurora: Abilities

Aurora: Important Note for Jedi

Aurora: Definition of Jedi

Aurora: Keys to the Jedi Path

Aurora: Stages of Jedi

Aurora Borealis: Keep the Basics to Heart

Aurora Borealis: The Jedi and Religious Respect

Aurora Borealis: How we react to newcomers

Aurora Borealis: What makes a Master, or a Knight?

Aurora Borealis: What Jedi are NOT

Aurora Borealis: Judgment, Critical thinking, Adaptive Thinking, and Strategic Thinking

Aurora Borealis: The path of Fear

Aurora Borealis: The Journal

Aurora Borealis: The Casual Jedi; Why it simply cannot be

Aurora Borealis: The Breaking Point

Aurora Borealis: Self Control, Self Discipline

Aurora Borealis: Jedi And Weapons

Baal Legato : Journey - Not The Destination

Baal Legato: Power of Desperation

Baal Legato: Let Go Luke

Baal Legato: Being Like Water

Baal Legato: Patience

GEDI: Alliances

Kharis Nightflyer: A Jedi's First Battle

Streen: The Greatest Challenge of All

Streen: The Long Road to Enlightenment

Streen: No Try

Streen: Role Models

Streen: The Greatest Challenge

Streen: A Jedi Chooses his own Path

Streen: Jedi Handbook

Streen: Why you have failed

Relan Volkum: A Form of God

Jedi Knight G: Seeings of a Jedi

Jedi Knight G: Eye of the Storm

Jedi Knight G: Religion Wisdom

Jedi Knight G: Students Training and Jedi Giving

Jedi Knight G: Cause and Effect

Delraa Xen: Lecture

Ezra-Kye Poh: Children Of The Force

Vrinn: Lecture

The Jedi Order: Wisdom For Jedi

The Jedi Order: Wisdom For Jedi Teachers

The Jedi Order: Wisdom For Jedi Students

The Jediism Way: The Progressive Journey

Fiction Inspired

Kharis Nightflyer: Historic Locations Concerning the Jedi

Kharis Nightflyer: Old Republic Timeline

Kharis Nightflyer: Kyp Durron's Tale

Kharis Nightflyer: The Dangers of Training Jedi

Mitth'raw'nurida: Jedi Abilities

Mitth'raw'nurida: Learner of the Jedi Council


Ogion: Anxiety

First Aide



The Keeper: The Force Salutations (Yoga) 

Jedi Knight G: Mental and Physical Fitness

The Jedi Order: Jedi Exercise




Aurora Borealis: Meditations... Focus

Aurora Borealis: Meditations - Breathing

Aurora Borealis: Meditations - The Beast

Spark Vallen: Conscious Breathing

Spark Vallen: Creative Meditation

Spark Vallen: Empath Exercise

Spark Vallen: Walking Meditation

Spark Vallen: ZaZen

Kharis Nightflyer: Calming Breath Technique

Kharis Nightflyer: Jedi Meditation Basic Technique

Mitth'raw'nurida: Using Your Abilities

Streen: Using The Force - Balance

Aurora: My Experiences Seeing Aura's

Luna Rising: Color of Healing Meditation

Luna Rising: Inner Light Meditation

Luna Rising: Light Body Relaxation Technique

Luna Rising: Mindfulness Meditation

Luna Rising: Relaxation Meditation

Jedi Knight G: Jedi Powers

Jedi Knight G: On Empathy

Jedi Knight G: Meditation G1

Jedi Knight G: Meditation G2

Rin-Xia Aran: Fire Meditation

Teal'c Nyal: Empty Mind Meditation

Kiae-Quon dei': Entering a Meditative State

Jediism.org: Meditations


Bible: King James Version (eng)

Bible: King James Version (Span)

Book of Five Rings - By Miyamoto, Musashi

Tao Te Ching - By Lao Tzu

Tao of Pooh - By Benjamin Hoff

Power of Myth - Joseph Campbell



Fiction Inspired (And no less important)

The Jedi Codes

The Jedi Behaviors

The Three Pillars

Community Inspired

The Five Jedi Powers

The Jedi Circles

Kharis Nightflyer: The Jedi Code

Kharis Nightflyer: A Jedi's First Battle

Aurora Borealis: A Sampling of what a Padawan studies

Aurora Borealis: There is No Emotion, There is Peace