Does Just Jedi offer Jedi training?

The Short Answer is Yes. We will be providing a Just Jedi Studies program in the future.

It is however currently under development and we encourage you to read the long answer below. If you have any questions please contact "The Keeper" at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




The Just Jedi Studies

Is a very simple programe meant to help guide you through our site and it's library of information. We offer this in the spirit of a "Training Program" with associated "Ranks" as you progress through the materials provided here at Just Jedi. The ranks are:

* Initiate - Members who have applied to begin studies

* Acolyte - Members who have completed Studies 1-3. Been an active member for 6 months and has continued on to studies 4-6

* Apprentice - Members who have accepted an Instructor for the course of a Year. Said members can skip this rank to Journeymen with the taking of a questionair which requests proof of studies such as Past Journals and study materials at accredited Jedi Training sites and 5 years of Community activity.

* Jounreyman - Members are encouraged to branch out to another Jedi group and complete their Beggining (Intitate) Level studies. Members are to pick a location they have not yet studied at.

Suggested Training Sites

  • Temple of the Jedi Order
    Temple of the Jedi Force
    Force Academy
    Institute For Jedi realist Studies
    Real Jedi Knights
    Jedi Life

* Just Jedi Knight - Members who have completed all of the above goals and have been active for 3 years.

Training & Ranks have been a traditional part of Jedi both in Fiction and within the Jediism/Realism Communities. We hope to honor these traditions and give new members a feel of what being part of the Jedi Communities is all about. Ultimately however, Just Jedi treats our programs as just one step in a far larger journey that only the traveler can achieve to it's fullest through participations and the active seeking of Knowledge. Be in here....or elsewhere.