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In the year of 2006 I was an active member of The Jediism Way. An old, online web community for Jedi Communications. It was a place to discuss topics of interest and share in our social community growth. The (TJW) was a popular community and had an active body of members for many years. The Administrator, Jedi Xhaiden had great web building skills and listened to his members interests and needs.

Back in 2004 I had started a casual pet project of mine, learning how to create websites, listening silently to the wants and needs of the community and going through many trials and errors of documentation. Most of which were lost over the years, corrupted computers, lost archive websites and so forth and so on. Even still The Jedi Dojo continued, finding new names, new interests, new ideas. The Trial of Fire came and went in waves and when The Jediism Way reached a low point and threatened to shut down. I scrambled to retry my efforts with Jedi Dojo, re-named it to J.u.s.t Jedi due to the suggestion of Mindas Ar'ran, and attempted to save the membership before The Jediism Way was gone for good. Unfortunatly due to the limited timeframe and issues with our choosen server the community J.u.s.t Jedi rose from the ashes and sputtered out once again.

Shortly after that, I became pregnant with Mindas and I's child. And our lives became quitie busy offline, searching for a house instead of an appartment, moving and becoming new parents to our first Daughter. Six months later, our second daughter was concieved and our schedual grew even more tight and busy with parenting and offline life interests.

Now, after four years. I have returned! And the fire is rekindled once again.

J.u.s.t Jedi is a Pet Project of mine. I do not expect it to be anything more than it is. If over the course of it's creation it garners some attention, Great!! It has always been my goal to touch the hearts of at least a few members in hopes that they can learn something from the things that I have come to hold to my self path and interests.


J.u.s.t Jedi for:

Jedi Unified Standard Training. Our mission is to create a base standard of training for new and old to use during the course of their Journey. This is not meant to be the only standard...Just "A" Standard. One method of many for all to use.