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IMPORTANT Note & Disclaimer: At the end of the day, we can't force you to do anything or comply to any one method. You are your own person, you can and will do whatever you want. Rules be damned. This group is a universal hub of many various communities, with many various rules, methods and way of doing things. What Is suggested below is just One suggestion. a Suggestion only. With that said. I, The Keeper (also known as Kitsu Tails & Trisskar Ar'ran) .... as well as the members of this community...holds no responsibility for your actions and choice's. Please remember to do your research, behave, act and choose as a Jedi would, and take responsibility for your own choices.

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Chapter Name: California Jedi

Chapter Leader: Kai An (Kaitie Mok)

Chapter Location: California

Chapter Websitehttp://www.californiajedi.org

Chapter Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/332348686845209/

Chapter Description: Although many (but not all) of us are Star Wars fans, being a Jedi isn’t about occasionally dressing up or having fun with light sabers. A Jedi is someone who through their own will and spirit strives to be a stronger, better, and more helpful person to the world. “Utilizing the truth in fiction”, we strive to follow a path inspired by the fictional Jedi in Star Wars in our real lives.


               ColoradoLogo                                  Chapter Name: Colorado Jedi

Chapter Leader: Jackie Meyer

Chapter Location: Colorado

Chapter Websitehttp://www.ColoradoJedi.org

Chapter Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/512362868815379/

Chapter Description: The Colorado Jedi is a group of people following the Jedi Realist path, a pragmatic path that focuses on benevolently impacting the world using the inspiration of the fictional Jedi of Star Wars. We do this through continual training and improvement in all aspects of the self. The Colorado Jedi is not a role playing group. If you’ve been inspired by the fictional Jedi and wish to make a difference in the world, join us! Together we can make the world a better place for everyone.


Colorado Western Slope [Branch Chapter]

Chapter Name: Jedi of the Western Slope

Chapter Leader: Lars Greypath, Michael "Shamus" Mahon, Preston Sheldon "Memnoich"

Chapter Location: Grand Junction, Colorado


Facebook: Jedi of the Western Slope - https://www.facebook.com/WesternSlopeJedi?ref=br_rs

Chapter Description: We are a small group of Jedi realists gathering weekly for the purpose of maximizing Jedi training and camaraderie. 

Keeper Note: This group is a Sub-Group from the origional Colorado Chapter. They coordinate with their head group leaders, use the same logo and website for all of their community represenation's but are just located in a different part of Colorado.









Chapter Name: Chicago Jedi

Chapter Leader: Gabriel Calderon

Chapter Location: Illinois USA

Chapter Websitehttp://www.chicagojedi.com

Chapter Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/ChicagoJedi?fref=ts

Chapter Description: Inspired by the fictional Jedi in Star Wars, we strive to emulate the path of the Jedi in our real livesKanses



Chapter Name: Kentucky Jedi

Chapter LeaderJack Troutman & Co-Admin ShawnTaiwone Francis

Chapter LocationLouisville, Kentucky

Website: N/A


Chapter Description:  

This page is for those of us that live according to the principles of Jediism and the philosophies therein contained. Some people follow Jediism as a religion and some follow Jediism for the philosophy. That being the case is does not matter what your religion is, Jediism is open to all. There are Christian Jedi, Catholic Jedi, Agnostic Jedi, and many more. That being said it is unlikely that Jediism conflicts with any other religions beliefs and traditions. Peace, justice, love, and learning are the core beliefs of Jediism.
This page is dedicated to those of us that want to discuss, learn, and grow within the Force. Feel free to post topics but remember, this is not a fan page or a cosplay group. As a community we wish to cultivate an understanding of the Force and teach others about the philosophy involved.



Chapter Name: Aurora Borealis

Chapter Leader: Talon Trevor MacDonald

Chapter Location: Northern Michigan

Chapter Websitehttp://theaurorainitiative.com/index.html

Chapter Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Aurora-Borealis-Jedi-Council/751688271615782?fref=ts

Chapter Description: Serving others is our calling. Aurora Borealis Jedi Council Is Dedicated to Personal Responsibility, Knowledge tempered by Wisdom, and Continued training, both Physical and Mental. We take responsibility for the world around us, to make it a better place for all.


Chapter Name: Southern Michigan Adventurers Guild

Chapter Leader: Kitsu Tails

Chapter Location: Southern Michigan

Chapter Website: http://mi-fa.weebly.com/

Chapter Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/137205176324335/

Chapter Description: We are small group of friends that like to get together and have all kinds of fun and adventure! We do anything from Nature Walks and Meditations, Bon Fire Dinners, Role Playing (Table Top) to Militia Training and Survival Preparations. In other words. You want to do it? (Whatever "It" is) Let's go!

New York


Chapter Name: Jedi: Empire State

Chapter Leader: Leader Alex Bird / Co-Admin Jenna Marie

Chapter Location: New York

Chapter Website: N/A

Chapter Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/825861394175794/

Chapter Description:Open to all flavors of Jedi in New York