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What About Ranks?dividerbar

 Just Jedi dosn't give ranks. Not right now is our hope just like the training is a hope for the future. But right now we do not offer ranks. We do however have our own "Accepted" Format that is not yet concidered "Active" (Since Training material is not yet complete for use) But since it is quite commonly asked about, I do like to keep it up on display for those interested in knowing.

* Initiate - Everyone is an Initiate. But for Just Jedi in order to recieve the actual Rank one must Apply to be a Member and Complete a summery quizz

* Acolyte - Members who have completed Initiate Course Materials

* Apprentice - Members who have accepted an Instructor for the course of a Year at minimum. Said members can skip this rank to Journeymen with the taking of a questionair which requests proof of future studies such as Past Journals and study materials at an accredited Jedi Training sites and 5 years of Community activity.

* Jounreyman - Members are encouraged to branch out to another Jedi group and complete their Beggining (Intitate) Level studies. Members are to pick a location they have not yet studied at. Complete the training. Share their Journaling and recieve a Referal from both that communities Administration and Instructors.

Perhaps one day...Things will come together enough to inact these goals and hopes for real :) Cross Fingers for us!!