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You might be asking "Is Just Jedi a Jedi Training Site with Ranks?"

Well..."Training." is a subjective word. Do we offer ligit, approved and credited Jedi Training? No. No we dont.

But there are many lessons and training formats found here.

As I mentioned before... Just Jedi is like my own personal Jedi Journal. A Journal that I have been working on, adapting and changing for over 12 years. It has always been my ambition to one day make Just Jedi a Training area not only for Jedi of the Community....But for my two Daughters. It is also my goal to compile all of the training material into a Training Manual, something that can be purchasesed and used offline.

But It is only me working on this...and it is a very slow slow progress. I do what I can between my other duties. Sometimes I hit a spike of inspiration that shows great bountiful results and progress....and at times I hit dry spells and no one really hears from me for a time.

Even so. All of it is here. Useable. And free should anyone wish to put it into practice, write in their journals about it, and apply it into their lives.

These lessons are found on the side bar under "Just Jedi Studies"

The Gateway: The Gateway is an Area of Just Jedi that provides Communicative Sillsets and how to be Jedi in socialism today.

Jade Tower: The Jade Tower is an area of Just Jedi that teaches our versions of Mediation and The Force as well as other mystic related subjects like Healing and philosophy.

J.Jedi Dojo: The J.Jedi Dojo is our area to practice physical execise and martial applications.

The Woods: The Woods focus's our studies around survival and adaption

The Laberynth: The Laberynth shares in our rich and unique sets of ceremonies such as weddings, Knightings, and other similar occassions.

 Just keep in mind....they are still in the progress of work :)

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