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We all need an extra push or source of inspiration. Sometimes we simply can't identify what it is we want...we just know that we Want. That is why you were asking for a mentor in the first place, right?

Here at Just Jedi we value work, effort, and self motivated progress. As long as you are doing your best to take charge of your environment, you are already doing better than most!

Lucky For You, there are still a small handful of Jedi website/forum's that have both Training Structure, and community approved credentials.

All you have to do is continue this self motivated progress and do the work to join these places and follow their programs.

I will warn you...They will expect commitment, hard work, and an ability to process instructions given...and they to, won't give you a teaching mentor right off the get will have to earn one through actions within the beggining programs they will all start you off with.

The Temple is philisophical based. Using Joseph Campbell, Alan Watt's and Jiddu Krishnamurti as their source materials within their beggining study Program called the "Initate Program" (IP) You will be directed to Read their FAQ's theroughly, Make and Introduction on their Forum, and interact with the members there. When you are comfortable, you will begin the IP which may take months....or years to complete, depending all on you and your commitment to it. Once completed you will be trialed for a Mentor that will take you on as an Apprentice. Only After the IP is completed.

Has a similar expectation. You will need to sign up to their forum. Read their FAQ's and follow thier "Training Overview" to begin your training there. They will have an introductory course that you will be required to complete before a Master will accept you as an apprentice.

Force Academy has three options.




You will need to become a member to their forum. Engage and interact with it's member base and decide which Aspect you wish to learn from. Light Aspect is formulated after Jedi principles, hense why it is listed as optional for newer members to try. Just like the other two, you will have to complete an introductory Course before becoming an Apprentice.

The Three listed above are just three choices that Just Jedi is comfortable with sharing. There are others out there, you need only look for them.

Or, If you are enjoying the Self Study Approach, you can find many subjects right here at Just Jedi.


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