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Its ok. We have all been there. But up until this point you have now done more than most people who start out as "New" You have taken a mighty step towards learning to be a Jedi and that...That really is a great accomplishment! Pat yourself on the back and remember. You made it this far!

But what are we going to do about that nagging question no amount of self study and research is yeilding answers to?

Well. You could ask the Community of course :) Except this time...Instead of begging for a Mentor, you are now asking the real questions. The questions that will actually get you somewhere.

"How do you focus in meditation? My mind wanders all over the place!"

"I don't understand what the Light and Darkside of the force is?"

Are two examples of great, specified and productive questions one can come across during their research. It presents a problem you might find, and identifies the subject to discuss.

And believe me!! You will get more attention, help and advice from these kinds of questions than you will from Mentor requests.

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