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 Once your Journal is made and your introductory opening is done. You are probubly thinking....Well, Now What?

Let me warn you right now.

Being a Jedi isn't some cookie cutter practice. There is no one right way to begin or end and almost everyone you ask will give you a different answer.

Jedi is still very new concidering. Even after 20 years of people dissecting it's various measure of practice...there just isn't a one way ticket to Jediism.

Even your Mentor will have to sit down and ask the exact same question you are asking now.

Now what?

Instead of asking "How can I learn to be a Jedi?" Perhaps you could ask "What do I want Learn?"

Most people who join the Jedi Community quite commonly want to learn Meditation, The Force, How to Control Anger and Emotions. These are great places to start :) But start off with a strong foot in the door and fully armed with the right tools to learn them.

In your Journal. Make a List of things you want to learn about Jedi.

Be specific.

And don't half ass are only doing yourself a disfavor if you do. I have seen new people give the old wave off respons of "....And Stuff."

Well....What "Stuff?"

Take your time, remember you do not need to rush. There is no deadline after of those great perks of doing things without a Mentor, pretty neat huh? And just think! Once you have your list, when you do find a Mentor, you can guide them for a start!

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