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 Think about other times in your life when you started something new.



Projects....Hobbies...Other religious groups....

We try out new things all the time! Commonly it is adviced that, when you engage in these new take notes. With pen and pad or if your one of the lucky few to have photographic memory, remembering key points of this new adventure you take it all together and collect them into a single understanding of what it is you are getting into.

Jedi is no different. In fact...any true Mentor will require it. So you may as well get on the ball ahead of time!

There are many fantastic ways to take notes. In the Jedi Community we call them Journals. Some members have one or two Journals...Some have a series of them....others get more creative and start Vblogs on Youtube or Blog Talk Radio.....Just Jedi, is one big Journal that I have been assembling for nearly 15 years in many many formats. This website is the latest version.

But to start out you could:

* Make a Document on your computer
* Use your phones basic Note Pad App
* Or go online and use the many various document programs such as Google Docs. It is a platform that I use...there are others out there, some made by Microsoft, others by open office.
* Or maybe use an Online Blog site. Blogger, Wordpress
* Or even go so far as to create a free website off of,, or weebly

Whichever platform you use to keep your Jedi notes is entirely up to you. Just remeber to

- Give it a good name like "My Jedi Journal"
- Open it with an introduction that lets readers and yourself know more about who and what you are as a person today. Heck...maybe one day your future self will read it and see just how much you have grown!

If you are already apart of another Jedi Group, perhaps you have a Journal on their Forum. These types of Journals are started out as a single thread and each entry is a reply to that thread.

Just Jedi, also offers a Forum Base location for Journals as yet another option.

However you do it. This is an oppertunity for you to record and learn about Jedi and don't worry...there is plenty of study materials out there that will fill this Journal of yours up to the brim of knowledge!


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