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Will You Be My Mentor?dividerbar

 Lets face it. When we get on our computers our minds tend to enter into this fantasy world where everything is so much safer and different from what we have to deal with every day out on the streets.

Social Media tends to give us this feeling of open-ness and exposes us to not only all the different cultures out there in this small but wide world...But also all the horrors and love it can hold.

We get trusting

We give out our real names


Phone Numbers

And in the case of Jedi. We get so lost in our fantastical ideals of Star Wars Space Monks finding a Master that Teaches them the ways of the force and obviously we all want a peace of that!! Eagorly putting out there "Who wants to be my Mentor!!"

Here at Just Jedi though....we ask you to dial it back some. Rewind. And Concider what that request entails.

Think It Through

Do you know these people?

Do you know what they are behind the computer screen?

Are you even sure that they are safe to accept as a Teacher? Or a student?

As much as I would love to say that all Jedi are peaceful, fun loving people....that sadly just isn't the case. Even those who are not physcially dangerous...might also be no more than a student or are just beggining like you and somehow felt it was ok to stand up as a teacher. If they are only just learning about the do you expect them to teach you? Safely?

The Safety of our members is a top priority for us here at Just Jedi.

And so we impolore you....Hold off on that whole "I am seeking a Mentor" dream...just a bit longer and hear what alternatives we here at Just Jedi would like to offer.

Follow the Arrows!


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