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  • Our Logic: is the ability to research and provide scientific evalutations of the sittuation or argument.
  • Critical Thinking: is the process of evaluation that uses our Logic to seperate truth from false.

Logical Critical Thinking is an important skillset to learn as a training Jedi because of several factors. Apart from our common search for Knowledge, interacting and engaging as a "Jedi" is largely done right here on the Internet with a computer screen blocking our view of the people we textually engage with.

Our online interactions opens up the doors to a vast exposure of ideas, culture, biased viewpoints, social media, news networks and the list goes on. There are nearly twenty or so active "Jedi Groups" who all teach their way's and interpretation of what a Jedi is and what a Jedi is supposed to be. Even here at Just Jedi, we present our own ideals apart from all the other's and it is up to you....To figure out what best fits 'you.'

It is also important to note that Critical Thinking is useful when dealing with common everyday situations. At work, or school. Watching or reading the news, determining your stance in political polls or social behaviors.

Life provides us with many opportunities to use Logical, Critical Thinking Skillsets...But unfortunately, it is a skill not commonly taught in schools or the home. But, with the advancements of the online networking there are many programs out there that teach it. There are both free and paid programs that you can take on your own time. Places like (but not limited to): Future Learn, Udemy, Coursera, edX, Khan Academy.

Just Jedi encourages anyone interested in Critical Thinking skills to look to these credible sources and apply to their training programs to further their search for Knowledge.

In correlation, we offer a brief study on the subject to help give a basic foundational Idea of what they might be studying at the online academies listed above. We offer these foundational basics in hopes of encouraging our membership to further display Respectful and Logical demeanour while representing themselves and their path during conversations, debates and discussions on our forum and even at other Jedi groups.

Course List

Section One - The hard truth

Section Two -