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Herbal II (Prepping Herbs)


Once you know what herbs you want and the benafits they offer. You can move on to the next stage: Herbal II (Prepping Herbs)

Herbal Preperation can branch off into many different methods. But before we get to that point we need to take our chosen herbs from it's source. There can be more than one kind of source in recieving herbs, some of these sources could be but are not limited to:

  • The Wilderness
    Your Garden
    Someone Elses Garden
    Your local Grocery Store
    Or Dried and Packaged in Herbal Stores.

Knowing your Source is a very important step and must be followed up by asking yourself and the Sources care keeper a couple of questions.

Q: Double Check Facts: Is this the right herb?
A: Be sure that you have not only chosen the right herb for your ailments, but that they are in fact the herb you picked. Some herbs can look similar to others, and they can get mixed up. Some companies may even mix other herbs into their dried herb packages as fillers for a bulk weight. It is very important that you don't use the wrong herb as one could cause health concerns such as, but not limited to: Allergies, Poisoning, Adverse Effects....

Q: What kind of Pesticides & Chemicals were used to "Protect" said Herbs. Are they GMO'ed or Artificially tempered with?
A: Depending on your own personal interests in Health Concerns this is also an important question of concern especiouly when taken from the Wild or other peoples gardens. What kind of chemicals has been placed into the soil? Sprayed onto the leaves? Injected into the fruit? Be sure to ask these questions and do your research on these common garden chemicals. Take care of you! Everything makes a difference.

Q: What about Partner Plants?
A: For some plants the kind of plants your herbs grow next to could have an effect on the potency of your herb. Burdock Roots for example resemble those of Belladonna or deadly nightshade and thus there can be risk of the roots being contaminated with these deadly plants and roots. Be cautious when picking from the wilderness or accepting from other people yards. Pay attention to their partner plantlife!!

Q: What do I do with them now?
A: Once you have picked your herbal bundle and ensured they are adaquate for the use you intend them for. It is time to decide what to do next.

Do you plan to put them to use right away? Or were you trying to save them for another time without risking wilting, rotting and/or dying such as occures during the ending harvest seasons?

There are two main process's


Drying & Powdering Herbs


Extracting Herbal Essence