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J.J. Jade Tower - Herbal I

(Understanding Your Herbs)

First and foremost it is of great importance to know the materials you are going to use in your project. Be it for Tinctures or Creams each herb and substance you put into your herbal concoction will have a different healing purpose. It is even more of great importance to know these details when taking an herbal substance internally, applying it upon skin, or breathing it through the air. This is your health, your body, your risk. Do your research and be absolutely certain you are aware and certain on the products you pick for your project.
Some Common Herbs that Just Jedi uses are as follows:

(Keeper Notes: Other herbs are also used but the below list, we feel, is a great start into the journey of Herbology. Do your research, don't trust just one source, talk to others that are both trained and professionalized in the study of herbs and holistic healing. And most of all.....Trust your Intuition and your studies.)


Broad Leaf Plantain


Cayanne Pepper








White Willow Bark

White Sage

Witch Hazel