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Just Jedi

Self Defense Basics


In any form of self defense. Be it with your hands or with a weapon (like a sword or dagger) there are five "Guards" that you as the defender must learn to protect and utalize in your body mechanics.

Within these five guards you will find a wide varity of techniques, postures and applications that you can use to defend them.

Regardless of culture, style or opinion. These five "Guards" are where Just Jedi G.S.D-Basics begins.

G.S.D-Basics stands for Guardian Self Defense - Basics. Within the culture of Jedi be it Star Wars Fictional Related or Jediism/Realist practices. Self Defense and Martial Art's application has been a key subject for Jedi to study and learn. It is, however, debated among the various communities on weather or not it should be "standard."

Regardless of your position or beliefs, Just Jedi believes it is never a bad idea to know a little of the basics in all subjects of knowledge. Including Self Defense.

The Five Guards

Introduction: The Five Guards

High Guard

Middle Guard 

Low Guard

Side to Side Guard's

Inner Guard

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