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A note from The Keeper!

I first created Kata Kitty in the year of 2014. I was that year's host for the annual Jedi Gatherings and was trying to get everything ready, right down to creating a large Calander Schedual to try and help everyone including myself, to stay organized.

I tend to have the artiest habbit of doodling when I am supposed to be productive and focused on more "Responsable Adult" duties.

As a result, I created several little doodles all over the Calander. But two of them stood out the most for me.

10371750 10204001344978468 1630609122001370020 n10345841 10204001344218449 3906283729289423518 n


They were simple. They were cute. Sure...A litte Anime/Kid-ish really fit "Me" I think anyone who really knows "Me" can agree to that much! And I mean come one....who dosn't like cute little Cat Girls and Boys?

So, when the gathering was over and done and I set my Adult Mind to cleaning house (Gatherings do tend to get a little messy!) I quickly took sissors and cut out that image for keep sake.

I ended up, however, returning to it. How cool would it be if I could clean her up on the computer some?

I am not a computer graphics artiest...I have no dagree or training, nor do I have any special art programs. Just the basic "Paint" every computer comes with. Still, I took a picture with my digital camera, pulled up the file and got to work.

kung fu kitties


I just LOVED how they came out and while showing my husband and happily announced that they were my little "Kata Kitties"

Kata Kitties? Like a lightbulb turning on the real work began. Picking a Kata that I concidered to be easy in body mechanics (not in practice) I set to work, searching for images and pictures of each position of the Kata Form and working carefully to move lines and adjust positions without risking the origional design.

I chose her color base, Orange fur in honor of my two real life kitties who are both marmalade/rusty orange cats. And her white top, red bottoms was in honor of the Japanese Inari Shrine Maidens which connect to Kitsune lore...a subject I adore very much!

And thus, Kata Kitties very first Kata Form - San Chin was developed with much love and excitment!

I never did publish it though, save for a brief mention on the Just Jedi group. A quick "Hey look at this!" The project....fell to the background and got burried in my computer folders. I was afraid no one really appreciate Kata Kitty the way I did....She was, after all....Very Kid Like and I have seen many Jedi roll their eyes and turn down kid like material in fear of not being taken serious enough if used.

Two years later - Just recently, Kata Kitty made a new apperance in the Just Jedi Tree of Reflection and, surprisingly, several of the members loved it! Not just because of the tree....but because of Kata Kitty. The word "Mascot" was used for her and was requested to show off some Yoga moves!! (Thanks Samantha!!)

Old Ideas returned in full force. And now, Kiki Kata Kitty is our leading Dojo Instructor here at Just Jedi!

I hope you all enjoy!