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 A Note from The Keeper

The Force Salutations take's it's inspiration from Medstar 1: Battle Surgeons - A clone Wars novel where Master Unuli taught her Apprentice, Barris about the Darkside of the Force while practicing yoga in the parks of Coruscant.

Like much of the Jedi philosophy in real life, inspiration from fiction to real life practices is very common. This is just one example of this form of intergration and learning.

In the case of Force Salutations, I took the idea of Jedi practicing yoga and mixed it with my already every day training in Yoga X by Beachbody. Along with some extensive research in traditional forms such as the "Sun Salutations" along with adaptive reflections of Just Jedi core value's I came up with: The Trunk, Root's and Branches of The Force Salutations. A thirty five posture series of three "Sets." Some of these postures maintained their traditional names as seen in the common Yoga Mainstream - Some however have adopted new names in honor of the system it represents. These key postures being the Pheonix and Rising Pheonix Poses in "The Branches" Set.

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