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Meditation On (Heji Tal) Emptiness

"Heji tal was a meditation technique incorporated into Jedi training by Grand Master Luke Skywalker in his establishment of the New Jedi Order. Sinking into this meditation and surrendering completely to the Force, it could establish inner peace, grant knowledge, and bring about serenity. Using the skills of control, sense, andalter, in different combinations, a Jedi could achieve this state of restful clarity."

- Star Wars Wikia (Heji Tal)

Stress. Is a daily killer...and sadly it is more and more common in our modern lives.

Emptiness Meditation

The Heji Tal Meditation is meant as a method of surrendering yourself to the force and emptying your mind, surrendering you body, and connecting your soul to a blissful emptiness. This form of Meditation is great for letting go of your daily stress, calming your hightened emotions, and giving your body the rest, calm, and peace it needs.

This form of Meditation requires preperation time, assured non interuptions, and "Triggers" that help you both enter and exit this transe like state. So. Let's begin.

.......To Be Continued (This Page is not Complete!)


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