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Force (Sense): The Resonance of Opposites
By Camille David on Tuesday, April 28, 2015 at 7:54pm
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The Resonance of Opposites
::: Apprentice Curriculum Exert

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“Left and right. Like day and night. That's what makes the world go round. In and out. Thin and stout. That's what makes the world go round

For every up there is a down. For every square there is a round. For every high there is a low. For every to there is a fro. To and fro. Stop and go. That's what makes the world go round”
By Disney “Sword and the Stone”

In the Star Wars universe that George Lucas put together for his three and now six plus many books, shows, games, comics….There was always the Light and the Dark side of the force. This was a method of showing the viewers the good and the bad side of people and how easy it was to succumb to this bad temptations.

Some paths still follow this example, believing in the two sides of lights and dark while other paths say that there are no sides and that the light and dark comes from within...and your intentions. Universal Force Alliance teaches the later. There is no lights side and dark side. Only the Force, which has many levels and variations within it’s universal flow.

While there is no light or dark within the Force. There is however different resonance within the force that are opposite from another. Much like the North and South poles of our earth.

The Chinese teaches us about the Yin and Yang. Which are the opposite energies, elements or resonance of different things. The Sun, for example is a Yang element while the moon is considered to be Yin.

In chinese medicine the use of Yin and yang is commonly used and when both Yin and Yang is out of balance, the practitioner would use it’s opposite in healing. For a burn which is yang. You would use a Yin element such as Aloe Vera to soothe and balance the energies.

Many would say that Yin and Yang IS the force. Universal Force Alliance however teaches that Yin and Yang are merely tools and methods of process to help understand a greater and more complex entity. To help one in Identifying the different levels of The force and is not representative of “The Force”


Homework: Go into your kitchen and find different food items. Write a List of the food items you find and it’s Yin or Yang source. Example: Cinnamon is a Yang spice while Watermelon is a Yin.

Extra!! How does knowing the Yin and Yang elements help you in Identifying and sensing the environment around you? Write about this in your Journal!


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