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Force (Sense): Finding the Rapids Inside
By Camille David on Tuesday, April 28, 2015 at 7:39pm
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I. Finding the Rapids Inside
::: Apprentice Curriculum Exert
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Everyday we go through life with our adopted lifestyle filled full of daily routines, rituals and expected schedule where we wake up, stumble to the bathroom, grumpily find our way to the kitchen for coffee or a quick breakfast before rushing out the door to go to work, or school, or whatever it is your life responsibilities demand of you.

We do these rituals so frequently that they have become habit. Wake up, bathroom, kitchen, school, work….Sometimes we get so involved that we miss the little things. The subtle ebbs and flows that surround us...they become missed in our rush in life.

In our Meditation Manual we show how to calm the rapids in one’s chosen meditation room. In this lesson we will learn to sense and perceive the flow of the “Force’s Rapids” in your surrounding environment.

This lesson will require both your use of Perception. As well as your newly learned abilities to sense the fields of energy around you.


Homework: Stand in the middle of a room in your house. It can be any room you like just pick one room for now and stand as central to that room as you can manage.

Close your eyes and take a deep breathe. Practice your favorite meditation, perhaps its a standard meditation, or one of grounding. When you feel you have centered yourself open your eyes and expand your awareness out into the room you have chosen. Imagine the force flowing like a river around you. How does it feel? Calm and soothing? Chaotic and jumpy? Why would it feel this way? Think of the items in your room like rocks in a river, smooth rocks causes the water to roll and bubble up around them while sharp and jagged rocks causes the water to crash and spray about chaotically. With this pattern in mind how can we define our room and the items in it? Perhaps there is a table in this room and the edges are sharp, this could cause the energy to crash sharply off it’s original path. Maybe you have a couch which is rounded and soft, causing the force to roll up and over it’s cushions. Perhaps you have a plant in this room? How does it’s petals effect the force around it? Are the leaves jagged or rounded? Is there dead branches in there causing the force to become stagnant in those area?

Everything in our lives has an effect upon the ebbs and flows of the force. When you have spent some time observing, sensing and perceiving the ebbs and flows of your chosen room. Write it down in your blog and perhaps return to the Meditation Manual and do a bit of cleaning and cleansing in this room. Record how this changes your observations.


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