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Force (Sense): Sensing Aura (Of The Hand)
By Camille David on Saturday, April 25, 2015 at 8:31pm
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✓I. Sensing Aura (Of The Hand)
::: Initiate Curriculum Exert

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Phew!! We have covered alot of ground already!! Take a break. Rest the mind, reward yourself! When that is done, let us move on!

Everything has a polar opposite. The earth itself has the North and South pole, so to do our magnetic fields which help to gain a sense of direction.


Did you know!? Recent studies on Foxes have shown that they are able to hunt with an electromagnetic force, honing in on an internal compass to find, locate and hunt pray deep beneath the cold winter snows. Studies find that the foxes prefer to point themselves toward the northeast and getting about a 73 percent success kill on each jump. Any other direction and they dropped to 18 percent of kills….Talk about embarrassing! At least for the fox who bounds away with nothing but a coat full of snow.


But how can the keen electromagnetic sense of a fox help us to sense our own Aura? Well, studies have found that many animals, such as but not limited to; Bees, Birds, turtles, sharks ants….all have this ability. And so do you!

! Quick Project: You should know it! Every child learns it as one of their first science lessons formal and informal. They even discover it before they are taught what it is. Two Magnets, North and South Attract, South to South or North to North repel. Remember? Great! Sometimes it helps to be reminded, to try it hands on once more, get a feel of it, play with the distance of the magnetic field. (If you bought the kit there should be two small round magnets to test this.)

✓Homework: This will require a friend and a quiet room (no music, no computers turned on, turn it phones, yes that is right..turn your phone off please!)

Why do we turn these common every day items off? Phones, Computers, and other electrical devices emmit their own Electromagnetic field, the energy they produce however is dirty, unhealthy and distracting. In order to increase a successful test, we must eliminate these distractions and disturbances to make your results have a higher success rate.

Practice Standard Meditation With your friend until you are ready to focus and ‘feel’ without distractions. Instruct your friend to hold his or her hand up, palm facing you and fingers pointing to the sky. You yourself do the same.

When ready, ask your friend to (very) slowly push his hand towards your own. Concentrate on the energy between your hand and your friends.

Eventually you should be able to feel a plausible resistance or tingling pull between both your hands. It will be similar to to the field of your magnets.

It may take time and practice to feel this, some people are able to feel it right away while others take more time in training their focus. The Aura, or, our Electromagnetic field is very faint and light...some don’t even feel it at all. Practice for two weeks and record your results.

- How long did it take before you could feel sensation between your palms?
- How did it feel to you?
- Did this feeling change over time and practice? Or when focused on different emotions?

! Bonus: Ask your friend to focus on different emotions, both positive and negative and see how that affects the sensation when his palm nears your own.

!! Extra Bonus: Find a stranger!! Someone you're not familiar with. Remember to practice safety and never approach someone too strange. Perhaps you seen the guy before in your class or workfield but you never really sat down with him before. Or is friend to your friend. Bring your friend along as a buddy for extra precautions. Instruct this stranger (If he is willing) to do the same exercise. Very Slowly press the palm towards your own hand. Do you feel any difference?


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