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Force (Sense): Prima Vitae - Understanding The Aura
By Camille David on Saturday, April 25, 2015 at 8:07pm
Force (Sense): Prima Vitae - Understanding The Aura
::: Initiate Curriculum Exert

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✓Prima vitae

✓Understanding The Aura

The Aura is believed to be an extension of the physical bodies personal force signature. It reaches out like a shield, surrounding the body and pulsing with energy. In the lecture of ‘The Force’ we learned that the force is created by all living things. This includes ourselves, and when we create this energy it reaches and expands out into the environment around us. Some people can see this extension of energy, discern how far it reaches before fading out and even see shades of color within the extension of energy itself.

i. Homework: Tell me more about the Aura by doing your own research. Give at least three paragraphs


Scientifically the aura is a debated subject in that no one really knows exactly what the aura is and how it is created. Many theories have arisen as a result. One common theory is that the Aura is made of an Electromagnetic Field that surrounds our body in an egg like shape.

There are several common techniques used in training a student to see this aura. Myself I find these practices to be incomplete and weak in theory. However, everyone learns differently and where I grew skeptic in the methods others have found it useful as physical representations in understanding the field of energy around us.

a. One technique instructs the student to place your hand against a white background. Using natural light (like the light of the sun) you then relax and focus on your hand, allowing your eyes to adjust to the image in front of you, after a time you shift your eyes, a slight squint causing the image of your hand against white paper to haze. In that haze you can see the energy around your hand, bounding against the white paper. This is assumed to be your aura.

b. Another Technique is by placing your two index fingers together, tip to tip, and then pulling them about an inch apart. Like the hand on white paper you calm yourself and focus on the space between. And just like the last, you squint your eyes and find that subtle change of energy vibrating between the two fingers.

ii. Homework: Test the above techniques and write a four paragraph blog report about your results. Did it work for you? What would you do differently? If it didn’t work for you...why?

However to understand the Aura further we came up with a nifty little science trick that will take a bit of your time, a little bit of cash, and a creative mind. This method isn’t meant to show or answer all of your questions about Auras, nor is the method scientifically proven accurate in relations to Aura’s. They can however give a visual image and idea of how your own aura works as well as something fun to experiment with when it comes to other Force related theories.

What you will need:

* A earth Magnet, preferably in a long Rectangle shape (It is strongly advised that you get a couple different one’s in varying strengths)
* Vile of Iorn Shavings
* White piece of paper
- First we take the magnet bar. Imagine that this is you. North is your head and South your feet
- Place the magnet representation of you on a firm surface
- Cover with white piece of paper (position magnet in the center of paper)
- Get your vile of Iorn Shavings and gently sprinkle the shavings onto the white piece of paper.
- Watch what happens!


Homework: Record your project with pictures and write a page document recording your results.

* Was the project easy to do?
* What did we learn about Magnetic Fields?
* How can we relate the Magnetic Field to your Aura?
* Did you have fun!?

! Bonus: If you bought different strengthened Magnets as suggested. Do the test for each strength and record your results. Did you notice any difference? Was the field around the Magnet larger? Smaller? Try putting two under the paper instead of one. Record and Report about your results! Relate the results to your Aura and how strengthening and dampening your Aura field might make a difference, just like your magnets.


Auras have been studied for centuries! And as far back as our history and research goes, reports of Auras, spiritual shields, and ethrel bodies have been recorded in all cultures. Scientific research picked up on this strange phenomenon and continue their endless studies to find viable proof of Auras, what makes them, why they do what they do and what really explains the various colors these Aura's produce.

Two common studies have claimed that the aura is created and centralized around one of two key locations. The Brain or the Heart. On thing is common in all studies however. The Human Aura is, in part, an Electromagnetic field

While it is claimed that the Brain is the Central organ that produces this field based on electrical impulses that run along the biological (Neural) And energy (Meridian) Pathways to trasmit electromagnetic fields that radiate outside of our body. This process causes radiating electrical fields of energy that characterize mental activity. A researched study done by famous Russian Tesla in 1950's did an experiment that caused prokaryotic organisms to produce an external electromagnetic field which consisted of various radiations from a multitude of biological bodies.

The studies continue further saying that this energy, plus a few other reactions within the human body can allow a person to analyze an individuals psychological and emotional states. It is believed that the electromagnetic field, which we know as “Auras” reflect very low levels of light and the light has various hues and shades of color. A trained and practiced practitioner is claimed to be able to see the colors well enough to get a general and basis idea on an individuals mental and physical state. Most studies related to an Aura's color are subjective and not really confirmed in accuracy.

Other research suggest that the Aura's Electromagnetic fields is centralized and created by the heart. Each beat of the heart creates, generates and shuttles cells throughout the body, distributing this endless supply of energy. If the bodies cells are healthy, the body is healthy. If the cells are weak so to is the body, and by extension, the aura itself.

Homework: Research relations of the electromagnetic field our body produces and the various colors others have found within the aura, and their meanings.

Give a list of basic colors the Aura might have and what you feel each one means.


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