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Meditation Regimen I
Meditation is an imporant Aspect of Jedi Life. As Initiates we learn about why it is important, we learn how to breathe, how to sit with good posture, and how to perform the various styles of meditation out there. We also train ourselves to get into a habbit of Regimen, so that we can ensure we get the Meditation required, daily.

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle

There are many kinds of Jedi. There are some Jedi who can handle a strict regimen of Jedi Practice. There are other's who are so busy in life that they can only practice Jedi lessons during their spare time. Some find most exersizes in the Initiate Cirriculum to be easy while other's find them to be challenging.

No matter your reason. Just Jedi strives to adapt to all of our students. As such, we do not enforce a specific set of practices. Instead we will provide and teach about the Five Meditation of Just Jedi in our next forward lessons for you to practice and concider. At the end of these lessons, we will return to this regimen process and create your own "Five Sessions a day Meditation" routine.

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"To the Jedi, meditation allows a practitioner to achieve inner peace, harmony, and serenity; three of the core principles of the Jedi Code. Due to the importance on meditation, the Council of First Knowledge created a five sessions-a-day meditation regimen for Initiates within the academies of the Order to ensure that the necessity was driven home. Initiates and Padawans were then encouraged by their instructors to meditate whenever they had a spare moment, seeking deeper meditation during private time"
- Star Wars wikia (Meditation)


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