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Personal Meditation
It is always important to study, research, practice and train Methods of Meditation and to understand why certain communities choose certain techniques and methodologies. However, at the end of the day it is always important that you remember the single most important method out there…...You.

Keeping in in mind bad habits and harmful practices, one should try to develop their own personal style of meditation.

Some people find specifics sounds or key tunes to help them meditate. These Key’s can come in all different kinds of styles and forms and only one key will unlock that special part of you. Some Key sounds (but not limited to…)

Static - Various Static sounds could be the key that helps you to focus and concentrate. Static can come in many levels and tones. is a great place to find White, Pink and Brown static music files with no playback or repeats, just one, singular, constant song of static. For all you Jedi Parents out there, newborns and young children have been known to sleep better and peacefully when playing one of these static tones. It is said to remind the babe back in the womb when all noise of the outside world was static. My daughters especially loved Pink. My oldest went from sleeping one or two hours at a time to four and five constant, restful hours with the easy change to swaddling and Pink Static.

Thunderstorms - Simply Noise also developed a Simply Rain program which plays the sounds of thunderstorms and rain falling.

Typing - Some find the sounds of a person typing on a typewriter or keyboard to be the key to peaceful meditation.

Whale Sounds -

Creaking Ship - Myself I find the sounds of a Creaking Ship to be quite peaceful

Other Methods of Meditation could be drawing, painting, reading, writing in your journal, laying out in the sun, taking a shower….The list of methods that can be applied to Meditation are endless!! Find what works best for you!


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