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Personal Environment
Just like your external environment. The force flows the same way within you as it does your room or backyard. If your body is chalked full of impurities, is sick, suffering from injury or fighting off colds/virus’s and flues it is the same as having trash, un kept laundry and clutter in your room. The Force clogged like a dirty drain pipe and is unable to flow through you smoothly. Much less kept clean. Even the force can become tainted when passing through a dirty conduit.

Eat Healthy

Eating healthy will clear away all those bad fats, chemicals, wax’s, GMO’s and other junk within you that will act just like our rocks in the river, or junk all over your rooms floor. Eating healthy will also encourage and increase rapid healing, circulation, and clear thinking.


Exercise helps to get your blood flowing freely. Opens up blocked passages as well as circulates oxygen through your body. And so too can “The Force” flow freely without internal chaos.

Dress Well

I don’t know about everyone else...but I cannot concentrate when wearing dirty, grimy clothes that looked as if it came from the trash. Nor does it add to my self esteem if I look like a homeless beggar. Be good to yourself!! Take a shower, scrub your skin with salts, brush your teeth, dress in clean clothes, dress comfortably and tie your hair back away from your face. (If you have long hair of course) Be in control of your life and yourself

Healthy Thoughts

Your thoughts and what you think and say have Just as much an impact on your energy and yourself.

If you fill your thoughts with negative, harmful, dirty thoughts your body and self image will also appear as such

Remember to always try and see the good side to think positively, be happy, smile, and determined. In that - You will be beautiful.


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