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External Environment
When we first start out, our environment is very important to pay attention to. Later on you will be able to add to your environment and ignore the distractions of life around you. Meditation can be done anywhere; In your own home, out in the woods, on the sidewalk, in the middle of a busy cityscape...and each ‘Environment’ can be ‘prepared’ for meditation and ceremony purposes.

But for now, as a beginner, finding a single space that is your sanctuary is important to keep your mind focused. Let us just focus on the common environment. Which is likely to be a room in your house.

In this case you will need a clean and tidy house. Imagine “The Force” like a large river of water gently flowing around you. And every “Item” or “Physical Object” is a rock inside the river bank. When water hits against the solid rock, it becomes disturbed. Put enough rocks in there and you end up with a very chaotic rapid and the river becomes harder and harder to control and navigate. In order for you to navigate and control “The Force” you need to calm the river.

Pick up your dirty laundry, fold it and put it away. Put your shoes in a tidy row next to your door. Gather your dirty dishes, wash them and put them away. Throw out the trash and arrange your room in a manner that will allow “The Force” to flow peacefully around you.


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